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 Rest & Recreation Activities Next to the main building we have courts for beach volleyball and basketball as well as a small football pitch. Our guests can rent water sports equipment or bicycles. We provide cars with trailers for transporting kayaks during canoeing trips on the Czarna Hańcza river and the Augustów Canal. We organize sightseeing tours of Vilnius, Kaunas and Druskininkai in Lithuania, Expeditions around the region of Suwalszczyzna, cruises and gondola rides, narrow-gauge railway trips from Płociczno to Krusznik , and rides in horse-drawn carts around the Wigry National Park are available and well worth considering.

The Augustów forest is the largest forest area in Poland. Out of its total surface of 160 thousand hectares, around 115 hectares are on the Polish side of the Poland Bealarus border.

The Serwy lake feeds the Augustów Canal , a unique example of hydroengineering. Together with the Czarna Hańcza river the canal forms an excellent canoeing route. The former Camaldolese monastery in Wigry and sanctuary in Studzieniczna are definitely worth a visit.

Rest & Recreation Activities Augustów - the largest holiday town of the area - offers many attractions in the summertime: cruises and gondola rides, waterskiing, new walkways along the Netta riverbanks and many cultural events.
Guests should also visit our neighbouring country Lithuania and see the historic town of Vilnius , the Grand Duke’s castle in Trakai, the city of Kaunas and the spa in Druskininkai.

The Augustów forest and the Wigry National Park are places of real beauty and offer images of the past, as if time has stood still Here you can experience nature and hear sounds that in other places have fallen silent. Unchanged by human hand, magnificent and majestic they welcome friendly guests, who will leave nature the way they found it.

We are proud of our natural heritage